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How to rename your boat

and 19 other useful ceremonies, superstitions, prayer, rituals and curses

di Vigor John

150 pagine ISBN: 978093983762
Anno di pubblicazione: 2004

John Vigor, a freelance writer and editor, is the author of 10 boating books, including Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere (Paradise Cay), and numerous magazine articles. . He is a sailing and navigation instructor qualified by the American Sailing Association. He has worked professionally in Europe, South Africa, and the United States, and for nearly 20 years he wrote a daily humor column for major metropolitan daily newspapers. He was a member of the editorial board of The San Diego Union Tribune before becoming managing editor of Sea magazine in Irvine, California. He now lives in the Pacific Northwest, and sails his Cape Dory 27 sailboat, Sangoma, in Puget Sound.



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