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2002 sea shells catalogue of Indo-Pacific mollusca

identification biodiversity zoology

di Coleman Neville

144 pagine ISBN: 978094732526
Anno di pubblicazione: 2003

2002 Seashells A catalogue of Indo-Pacific Mollusca by Neville Coleman This is an amazing paper back, only about 9.5 by 6.5 inches in size and 144 pages in length that is just crammed full of information for the amateur and advanced collector as well. It has over 2200 full color photographs (almost all are of shells and the balance of their habitats) from around the Indo-Pacific. The photos are small, up to 15 to a page but they are in sharp focus. A great number of them show the living animals living in their natural surroundings. The book like several of Coleman's earlier works shows what shells are found in what type of habitat. The book claims to be the most comprehensive guide to mollusks of the Indo-Pacific region and especially interesting it features over 430 pictures of living Ovulidae making it the largest display ever published of this family. That alone is worth the price of this book. Published in 2003.



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