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Aeolian islands nautical guide

anchorages and moorings, regulations and hazards, touris attractions

di Berger Carolyn

136 pagine ISBN: 978889915089
Anno di pubblicazione: 2021

The Aeolian Islands Nautical Guide, a mix between a pilot book and a travel guide, is dedicated to boaters who sail in this archipelago. It is clear and precise with useful information to explore the islands in a safe and law-abiding way, avoiding obstacles and fines. The book starts off with a general introduction to the archipelago: the regulations, weather, hazards, anchorages, moorings, environment, marine life and advice. Subsequently, a chapter is dedicated to each of the main islands in the following order: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi. Each chapter begins with a description of the island and its primary tourist attractions, where visitors can appreciate the traditional Sicilian aspects and immense natural beauty. Detailed explanations are then given of the main ports/coves/bays with numerous photos and maps: representations aimed at illustrating anchorages, moorings and buoy fields. Also highlighted throughout the guide are regulations, hazards, useful numbers, and advice. At the end of the guide there are several pages dedicated to example itineraries, with numerous alternatives to discover the most beautiful parts of the islands based on individual preferences.



patente nautica
Manutenzione barca
carte nautiche
Istituto idrografico della marina carte nautiche
Carte nautiche ammiragliato britannico
Shom carte nautiche
Imray carte nautiche
il marinaio e il monaco