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Athenian trireme

di McElvogue Douglas

Articolo esaurito.

euro 55.00
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128 pagine ISBN: 978184486025
Anno di pubblicazione: 2017

A new strand in the Anatomy Series including the archaeology of the ships. With over 100 perspective and 3-view drawings, and detailed descriptions. Features a large-scale plan of the ship on the reverse of jacket. A title in a popular and respected series. A new development in the 'Anatomy of the Ship' series utilises archaeology to trace the development and careers of individual ships while placing them on the context of the wider and long term developments in ship construction. This volume begins with a discussion of the early development of Greek oared vessels, from which the trireme (Trieres) developed and a consideration of the types of Trieres discussed in ancient texts. There then follows an examination of naval tactics and the practicalities of manoeuvring a Trieres. The sailing of the Trieres is drawn from the practical experience of the co-author but also includes a discussion on what is known of the men who crewed Trieres, the accommodation of the crew and the process of lying up for the night. Finally, there are brief descriptions of the naval battles where Triremes fought: Artemisium, Salamis, Sybota, Naupactus I & II, Corcya, Cynossema, Cyzicus and Arginusae. A select group of photographs taken aboard the reconstruction of the Trireme, Olympias provide a modern example of the Athenian Trireme.



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