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Baltimore clipper

its origin and development

di Chapelle Howard Irving

222 pagine ISBN: 978048625765
Anno di pubblicazione: 1988

Chapelles Baltimore Clipper is a much needed work concerning a type of sailing vessel that is unfortunatly overlooked by most Naval Historians. Chapelle begins with several earlier types of vessels thal may have been the forerunner(s) of the Clippers and continues through the American Revaloution, the War of 1812, the slave trade, to the types decline in the mid 19th century. Included are hull plans, deck plans, and sail plans, all take offs of actual ships of this type. Also covered are weapons and weapons placement. This is a must have book for anyone wanting to build an authentic model of a vessel of this type or for anyone interested in American ships in the age of sail.



patente nautica
Manutenzione barca
carte nautiche
Istituto idrografico della marina carte nautiche
Carte nautiche ammiragliato britannico
Shom carte nautiche
Imray carte nautiche
il marinaio e il monaco