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Boatbuilding manual

the standard reference for wooden boat builders since 1954

di Steward Robert M.

448 pagine ISBN: 978007162834
Anno di pubblicazione: 2011

Since its first publication in 1970, Boatbuilding Manual has become the standard reference in boatbuilding and boat design schools, in the offices of professional builders, and in the basement workshops of home builders. No other boatbuilding text has simultaneously served the disparate needs of professional and amateur audiences so successfully. Carl Cramer, the publisher of WoodenBoat and Professional Boatbuilder magazines, has fully updated this fifth edition with the latest in boatbuilding techniques and developments. Includes: the latest wood-epoxy construction methods that make amateur building more successful than ever before; recommendations on products and materials, saving you time and money substantial time and expense. Topics include: plans, tools, woods, fiberglass and other hull materials, fastenings, lines and laying down, molds, templates, and the backbone, setting up, framing, planking, deck framing, decking, deck joinerwork, interior joinerwork, finishing, sailboat miscellany, steering, tanks, plumbing, etc, mechanical and electrical, potpourri, safety.



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