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Boatowner's guide to modern maintenance

protecting your floating investment

di Duffett John

208 pagine ISBN: 978039303279
Anno di pubblicazione: 1985

Here is a complete reworking and updating of the classic Modern Marine Maintenance, which has been called "the most useful single-volume book on boat maintenance for the amateur owner." It is a mandatory book for anyone who does any ofhis or her own work. This book is the complete gu ide to maintaining the integrity and beauty of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel , and ferro-cement boats. It instructs both the experienced and the beginner in the fundamentals of construction, the repair of both minor and major defects, the tools to use (and those not to use), and materials, and gives shortcuts to sound repair. Here also is how to inspect for damage and wear, which routines to follow to prevent trouble, and what to do when trouble happens. For the skilled and the unskilled , this book is abasie necessity for anyone who owns a boat, power or sail, large or small.



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