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Bucket book

a celebration of megayacht racing

di Vitelli Alessandro, Jinkins Dana, Bobrow Jill

258 pagine ISBN: 978100000008
Anno di pubblicazione: 2012

From its casual beginning in Nantucket in 1987 (with seven boats) to its most recent iteration in Newport and St. Barths (where nearly 60 mega-sailing yachts are vying for the right to race), Bucket Regattas have captured sailors' imagination in a way that no other event can begin to approach. The Bucket Book celebrates 25 years of unique megayacht racing. The book in-cludes both historical and current perspectives. Also, interspersed throughout the book are quotes, comments, and reminiscences from yacht owners, crew, sponsors, and Bucket devotees. Needless to say, the book allocates much of its space to spectacular images of the Bucket. After all, the allure of a world-class sailing regatta lies in the beauty and majesty of the participants. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and photos of the Bucket bring the event to life in ways that no prose can touch.



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