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Camera at sea

a professional approach to marine photography

di Eastland Jonathan

160 pagine ISBN: 978185253212
Anno di pubblicazione: 1990

In this informative and entertaining guide Jonathan Eastland draws on over 20 years' experience of shooting pictures in and around the sea, offering authoritative advice on ali the factors which make the difference between an average picture and a stunning, saleable one. These include the suitability of the latest equipment, the importance of knowing about boat design and performance, how a simple understanding of meteorology can improve ordinary scenes - and a host of other crucial but little-known details relevant to this challenging and rewarding activity. The book also incorporates a unique design allowing . a lavish and eye-opening display of Jonathan Eastland's own stunning photography. An invaluable reference tool for serious hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, this highly readable guide will open up a who/e new world of potentially lucrative nautical subjects.



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