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Canoe yawl

from the birth of leisure sailing to the 21st century

di Powell Richard

160 pagine ISBN: 978190720631
Anno di pubblicazione: 2015

The Canoe Yawl was developed from the sailing canoe in late Victorian times to better suit the conditions encountered on Britain's coasts and larger estuaries, and in this book Richard Powell makes its case to be the best type today for the single- or short-handed coastal cruising sailor. The story of this modest yet seaworthy boat -family is described from its emergence with the Victorian -pioneers of leisure sailing, through its hey-day around the turn of the twentieth century, its decades in the doldrums following the Great War, and its remarkable and welcome revival in recent years. The book presents two brand new Canoe Yawl designs-one by the author, the other by renowned small boat designer Iain Oughtred, who has also contributed the book's Foreword. Richard Powell is a trained draughtsman, an -Associate of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, and the Technical Secretary of The Albert Strange Association. Profusely illustrated in colour and monochrome with the author's drawings, original design drawings, and photographs, The Canoe Yawl is an essential addition to the literature of traditional sail.



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