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Classification of the living mollusca

di Cunningham Vaught Kay, Tucker Abbot Robert, Boss Kenneth J.

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euro 70.00
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208 pagine ISBN: 978091582622
Anno di pubblicazione: 1989

With the proliferation of new taxa proposed over the last twenty years, there has long been a need for a current list of supraspecific names in the Mollusca. We can now thank an enthusiastic amateur malacologist for undertaking this usefull and enormous compilation. Kay Cunningham Vaugh, after ten years of privately funded research, has provided us with an up-to-date framework of the systematics of the Mollusca. Although this compilation covers all of the family and generic names which most malacologists will ever deal, nonetheless there are many obscure names yet to be entered. Quite naturally, the opinions on the status of subjective synonyms is subject to change and interpretation by others. One should also be reminded that names limited to fossil forms are not included here.



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