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Coral reefs of Papua New Guinea

di Halstead Dinah, Halstead Bob, Sarta Sergio

212 pagine ISBN: 97888610
Anno di pubblicazione: 1998

Those of you who have visited Papua New Guinea will know Bob and Dinah Halstead, and many would be familiar with their excelent articles in dive magazines, and dive guide books. Their latest title, The Coral reefs of Papua New Guinea, is a superb book. It may well have been published with the assistance of aid funding for the International Year of the Coral Reef (1997), and the International Year of the Oceans (1998), but the end result is more than just an ecological awareness promotion. This is a magnificent book, very well designed, and made exceptional by the surperb photography of the three authors ( the other is the Italian Sergio Sarta). The marine life illustrated in the book is unique; the authors know how to capture a subject and do it such a manner that the end result is a beautiful photograph, combining art with technique. The text is concise and relevant. If you have dived anywhere in Papua New Guinea, this is a wonderful momento. If you are into superb photography, then it deserves a place in your library.



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