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Diving and snorkeling Papua New Guinea

di Halstead Bob

173 pagine ISBN: 978086442776
Anno di pubblicazione: 1999

Smoking volcanoes, lush lowlands and over 600 islands rimmed with coral reefs support a marine biodiversity in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that is unequaled anywhere else in the world. The warm Solomon and Coral seas offer shallow snorkeling on fringing or patch reefs, and deeper dives along the sheer walls of submerged volcanoes. History buffs will marvel at WWII wreckage found above and below the sea. Populations in the swelling cities, remote villages and settlements along the Sepik River are as varied as the country's terrain. This guide describes PNG's best dive sites, with full-color photos throughout: dive site depth range and weather conditions; common, unusual and hazardous marine life; topside information, including cultural and natural attractions; diving services and live-abroad information; 15 easy-to-read maps; includes top dives in the Solomon & Coral Seas.



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