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Elements of yacht design

the original edition of Skene's elements of yacht design

di Skene Norman L.

264 pagine ISBN: 978157409134
Anno di pubblicazione: 2001

"This book is intended to be a practical and concise presentation of some of the operations involved in designing yachts of all types. Cumbersome and impractical methods which are so often found in more pretentious works on naval architecture have been avoided. Those presented have been in everyday use by the author. The thirty-footer design used for purposes of illustration is obsolete in type, having been designed many years ago, but serves the purpose of illustrating the various operations involved in designing a yacht." Thus wrote Norman L. Skene in his preface to the fifth edition of Elements of Yacht Design. First published in 1904, Skene's is one of the most famous yacht design books ever written. He performed several revisions, the last of which appeared in 1938 and is now reprinted here, preserved in its original form. The book was subsequently revised further by Francis S. Kinney, whose editions have long since gone out of print. While experts are divided on the relative merits of the various editions, there is strong demand for Skene's original work. With this release, that demand is met; Skene's unaltered text is again available to the many boatbuilders, aspiring naval architects, and sailors for whom it is a much-needed reference.



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