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Fiberglass boat repairs illustrated

step-by-step color photo guidance for repairing and renewing fiberglass boats

di Marshall Roger

192 pagine ISBN: 978007154992
Anno di pubblicazione: 2010

If you don't have the experience of working with fiberglass, any repairs to your boat must be done by high-cost professionals or left undone. This entry-level guide uses full-color, step-by-step photo sequences and line drawings to present you with the basics in an easily digested form. You will learn how to: Save money and time doing your own fiberglass repairs. Improve the value, appearance, and safety of your boat. Work with materials such as polyester, epoxy, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and core materials. Fix annoying leaks; repair cracks; restore gelcoat; fabricate new components. Table of contents: 1. How a Fiberglass Boat Is Built. 2. Diagnosing Damage. 3. Materials, Tools, and Basic Techniques. 4. Gelcoat Restoration and Repair. 5. Making Joints, Plugs, and Molds. 6. Hull, Keel, and Rudder Fairing. 7. Major Repairs. 8. Osmosis and Blister Repair. 9. Finishing Your Repair Work. Appendixes.



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