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Fitting out your boat

in fiberglass or wood

di Naujok Michael

160 pagine ISBN: 978157409185
Anno di pubblicazione: 2004

Tailor-made for anyone fitting out a wooden or fiberglass hull, Fitting Out Your Boat is an essential reference for sailors looking to renovate an old boat or just give it a beautiful new look. Whether repairing or laying teak decks, refurbishing an old keel or rudder, installing new windows and hatches, fitting headlining, replacing deck fittings, stripping down winches, or modernizing the galley, Naujok takes readers through every step of the process. His clear, precise instructions and expert advice will help readers avoid common pitfalls, while unique step-by-step color photos demonstrate in precise detail exactly how to proceed at each stage of a project. The only book to cover this subject so thoroughly, Fitting Out Your Boat will prove indispensable to all amateur builders, whether read on its own or paired with Naujok's exceptional and highly successful Boat Interior Construction.



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