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Flying the colors

the unseen treasures of nineteenth-century american marine art

di Granby Alan, Hyland Janice

402 pagine ISBN: 978155595351
Anno di pubblicazione: 2009

Flying the Colors is a major addition to the literature of marine painting, an increasingly popular field whose imagery and traditions are integral to the American vision and the American story. Authors Alan Granby and Janice Hyland focus new attention on painters like James Buttersworth, with his beautifully drawn racing and harbor scenes, as well as Antonio Jacobsen and his masterful handling of ship rigging and magnificent seas, and the popular folk variations of ship portraiture of James Bard. Going beyond the classic depictions of American waters and harbors, the book also encompasses the work of artists abroad in England, Europe and the Orient who created images of American vessels in foreign ports. In addition to classic paintings, Flying the Colors presents rediscovered or previously unknown works by key artists like Robert Salmon and Fitz Henry Lane. Most of the work included in this beautifully produced volume, created in association with the Mystic Seaport Museum, is from private collections.



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