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Fortresses and castles of Greece vol.2

western central Greece Epirus Peloponnese

di Paradissis Al

Fortresses and castles of Greece vol.2

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euro 15.00
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226 pagine ISBN: 97896022600
Anno di pubblicazione: 1982

Greece is strewn with hundreds of castles and fortresses of all ages and civilisations. This rugged and curious region in the southernmost part of Europe, at the vantage point of the Mediterranean, so close to Asia and Africa is full of Acropoli, castles and fortresses either on top of mountains or on coasts. There exist walls of neolithic citadels six and seven thousand years old, Acropoli two and three thousand years old, castles and fortresses of Venetian, Frankish, Byzantine and others as old as three thousand years and even more. This series by the eminent historian Alexander Paradissis, is perhaps the only study of the subject covering the whole of Greek history. The comprehensive material, maps, plans and illustrations will satisfy historians and tourists alike. Volume One covers Northern and East Central Greece; Volume Two covers Southern and West Central Greece; Volume Three covers the Greek Islands.



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