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Fortresses and castles of Greek islands vol.3

Islands of Greece Ionian islands, Aegean islands, Dodecanese, Crete

di Paradissis Al

Articolo esaurito.

euro 15.00
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232 pagine ISBN: 978960226121
Anno di pubblicazione: 1982

This third volume which deals with the fortifications of the Greek islands, brings to an end the publishers' account of all the fortresses and castles of Greece. The book begins with the strongholds of the Ionian Islands, today Greece's westernmost islands. After Corfu and Leukas, Kefalonia, Ithaka, Zakynthos and Cythera the forts of the Cyclades Islands (in the Aegean) are described. The book begins with the southern islands of the group and proceeds northwards to the northern islands. Then it comes to the fortresses on the small islands of the Argolic-Saronic Gulf followed by those in Euboea as always, proceeding from ancient to modern times. There follows an account of the fortresses on the Sporades east and northeast of Euboea and then the islands in the Northern Aegean: Thassos, Lemnos and Sanothrace. Next come the fortresses on the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos and Ikaria in the eastern Aegean and the group of the Dodecanese Islands, close to the Shores of Western Asia Minor. The account ends with the ancient and modern strongholds of Crete. Contains a full index of the forts and fortresses which includes each fort's locality and (in brackets) the type of fortress and the period of its construction, as well as the nearest town from which the visitor to the fortress can set out.



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