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Frugal yachting

family adventuring in small sailboats

di Brown Larry

172 pagine ISBN: 978007008247
Anno di pubblicazione: 1994

In this revised successor to his popular book, Sailing on a Micro-Budget, Larry Brown telIs you how to fit a family of four in a 20-foot sailboat for a weekend cruise, and have a great tlme. Brown discusses approaches to cooking, sleeping, sanitation, storage, and safety on the smallest (15- to 24-foot) cruising sailboats, and reviews the various hulI forms and sail plans available. He assumes little or no prior knowledge of sailing. His subjects range from nautical terminology to cruising with children, and he describes and critiques more than 40 small cruisers available on the new- or used-boat markets, making this the best buyer's guide in print. Micro-cruisers, compact cruisers, family weekenders, small cruising multihulIsthey' re alI here, and more. No other book offers such an affordable, reassuring approach to sailing. Discover one of the safest and least expensive outdoor adventures available for personal fulfillment or family togetherness. Discover FrugaI Yachting.



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