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Golden age of yachting

di Herreshoff L.Francis

190 pagine ISBN: 978157409251
Anno di pubblicazione: 2007

The Golden Age of Yachting is a book consisting mostly of yachting history, as the author felt – and rightly so – that a review of the past is the best way to make an introduction to the sport. In this great book, the author presents a panoramic view of yachting, providing an insightful introduction to the pleasures, craft and history of yachting with emphasis on the era of the great steam yachts. It is a meticulous job based on accurate knowledge and detailed research.Most yachting histories have been so much influenced by the nationality of the author that the British and American versions are quite different, but L. Francis Herreshoff was equally familiar with both sides. He has given a much more factual account of the international races than can be found in other writings. This book will appeal to the large group of amateur and professional seamen who strive to keep alive the traditions and lore of sail. The book was first published by Sheridan House in 1963 under the title An Introduction to Yachting and reprinted in 1980. The title of this new paperback edition, The Golden Age of Yachting, more accurately reflects the treasures found in this magnificent volume.



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