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Good little ship

di Gilpin Vincent

Articolo esaurito.

euro 55.00
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64 pagine ISBN: 978091518001
Anno di pubblicazione: 1975

The story of the Presto-boat design of "Commodore" Ralph M. Munroe. A shallow-draft ketch designed for the waters of Florida, it proved to be as seaworthy as any "open sea" craft. Charming narrative is accompanied by many photographs, some of which date back to the turn of the century. Pull-out charts. "When you gather the necessities of life on a small sailboat and cast loose with a roving commission, you enter into a new and wonderful freedom, unknown on shore. You slip away from the everyday world into the space and silence of wide waters; you move without gasoline; you sleep without hotels; you chose your distance from other men." In this charming book, the author discusses the relative merit of power vs. sail, and the matter of size. He then describes an ideal shoal draft ketch based on the Presto-boat design of Ralph M. Munroe. Te boo describes The Good Little Ship in detail and includes two sketch plans and a number of Photographs. Even the armchair sailor will be fascinated by the dreams of freedom of the sea and will ind himself reading this wonderful little boo many times over.



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