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Handbook maritime shipping

di Mantua Antonio

Handbook maritime shipping

Articolo esaurito.

euro 25.00
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110 pagine ISBN: 978880000177
Anno di pubblicazione: 2004

The book is all written in English and is "addressed to a professional as well as a layman: the former will have prompt references, while the latter will understand shipping".  It consists of 13 + 3 chapters as follows: An outline of ship's building; Classification of ships; Ship's manning; Port facilities; Port authorities; Ship's certificates and books; Shipping documents; The main features of the shipping industry; The main features of the ship's chartering; Liner service; Terms of sale; Averages; Marine insurance. Plus: Beaufort wind scale, Phonetic alphabet, State of the sea. Besides, there is an Italian glossary with terms definition and explanation, as the case maybe, then the index for the page of every single word, and the abbreviations in use in every field of the maritime shipping, as a result of a lengthy study.



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