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How to build and manage a canoe

2 volumi

di Ellis Alec R., Beams C.G.

Articolo esaurito.

euro 28.00
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144 pagine ISBN: 978085174088
Anno di pubblicazione: 1975

Surely canoeing must be among the pastimes that give the greatest relief from the boredom of everyday occupation. In this book, the authors have simplified the means of attaining a high standard in this comparatively inexpensive sport. Volume 1 has Chapters giving: Building a Canoe; Essential Accessories; How to Manage your Canoe; Coastal Canoeing; Canoe Camping; Canoe Sailing; General Hints; Glossary. Volume I has many drawings and photographic illustrations. This volume gives all the drawings and illustrations shown in Vol. 1 on a very much larger scale so that strict accuracy may be obtained in the building of the frames and other vital parts, thus avoiding a possible source of error if the preparation of full-scale plans is to be undertaken before work can commence. Quite a small error can upset a whole design, and a good start is half the battle. These full-scale drawings are issued separately for those who want to make a first-class job of their canoe.



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