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Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

Aerial Guide

di Colamussi Arturo

136 pagine ISBN: 978888992203
Anno di pubblicazione: 2007

This is the fourth book in the series "Guide fotografiche aeree" (Aerial Photography Guides). The pictures were mainly taken from airplanes and helicopters. This enables an overall view of the sites that is generally impossible with traditional photography from the ground. Each picture is associated with a map derived from the Milva site. The comment to each individual image is, instead, for the most part, drawn from web sites, creating a computerized anthology that provides more widespread consultation and greater user information. The idea of conceiving this new type of territorial guide derives from the consideration that the tour guides currently available offer images which are not very meaningful in describing the sites. Likewise, books of photographs are a collection of images which are often truly splendid but which are not greatly related to the territory. In brief, the book provides a geo-photographic map with the most meaningful information and, thanks to the internet, in a form which allows for practically unlimited consultation.



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