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Learn the racing rules - DVD

part 1: basic right of way rules; part 2: rules at marks & obstructions

di Dellenbaugh David

Articolo esaurito.

euro 60.00
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60 minuti Codice Articolo: 185678000153

The best way to understand the rules! Presentd by rules expert David Dellenbaugh, this DVD will help you understand the Racing Rules of Sailing. The new edition is updated for the new (2009-2012) rules, but that is not all. This new edition is completely revised with new computer graphics, on-the-water demos and actual racing footage to give you a thorough knowledge of all the rules you need to know when boats meet. In fact, there's so much info here that it wouldn't fi t on one disk! Disk 1 explains the basic right-of-way rules and their limitations. Disk 2 covers the rules that apply at marks and obstructions.



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