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Leroy The Lobster

di Orr Katherine

Articolo esaurito.

euro 19.00
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46 pagine ISBN: 978033340251
Anno di pubblicazione: 1991

The spiny lobster is recognized around the world as a popular seafood item and an important fisheries resource, but few people know about the life and habits of this sought-after animal. In Leroy the Lobster, Leroy tells his own life story from the time of being hatched to maturity. Readers learn about the life of the spiny lobster and other marine animals with which it comes in contact. The author has created a narrative that is simple and interestingly told, with all the actions, settings and time sequences scientifically accurate. Readers also learn about the impact of man, and will appreciate the importance of conserving this special marine resource. Author-illustrator Katherine Orr is a marine biologist and environmental educator who spent more than two decades working in the Caribbean region. Her beautiful and accurate paintings showing Leroy's surroundings reflect the hundreds of hours she spent underwater observing and studying marine life.



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