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Lesser Antilles

Barbados and Grenada to the Virgin Islands

di Robinson Oz

Articolo esaurito.

euro 60.00
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248 pagine ISBN: 978085288153
Anno di pubblicazione: 1995

Another excellent addition to the RCC series of large format cruising guides for the North Atlantic, The Lesser Antilles is a detailed pilot to the Caribbean islands from Grenada to the Virgin Islands via Barbados, arranged to suit a cruise northwards through the islands following a crossing from Europe. It contains plenty of large, shaded plans of harbours and anchorages and also had many very useful monochrome photos annotated for pilotage. This pilot fills a yawning gap between Chris Doyle's brief and chatty cruising guides and Don Street's rambling epics. Its detail is more than adequate for ordinary cruising and yet it covers a wide area in a single volume. To achieve this, however, the text is rather terse, describing palm fringed anchorages in a style reminiscent of sailing directions for the Bristol Channel. This is certainly in part due to its being a translation, although heavily reworked, of a French Hydrographic Office pilot for the area. What gives life to what would otherwise be a rather dusty tome is the attractive layout of the book, and particularly Anne Hammick's stunning colour photographs which convey the beauty of the area in a way the very practical and matter of fact text does not.* The Lesser Antilles will therefore appeal to those dreaming of a cruise in the Caribbean as well as to the practical yachtsman.



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