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Lighthouses of the world

di Arzur Marie Haude

240 pagine ISBN: 978147293040
Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

Lighthouses hold a perennial fascination for all sorts of people - an indicator of danger, a beacon of the sea, laced with history and romance and a magnet for coastal walkers, holiday makers and tourists. This book is a beautifully presented panorama of over 150 lighthouses from 56 countries all around the world, all of which are accessible and many of which can be visited. From lighthouses boldly beaming their lights from clifftops, to those clinging to the edge of cliff faces, this is a spectacular and unusual celebration of lighthouses from every continent. With details of their height, year of build, history and accessibility to visitors, this is both a practical as well as an aspirational collection which will inspire and enthrall anyone who is drawn by the romance of the iconic lighthouse. This is a wonderful gift book in original packaging and a novel format which is just perfect for presenting lighthouses in all their glory.

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