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Lighthouses !

a pop up gallery of America,s most beloved beacons

di Costello Linda, Foster Bruce, Edelson Wendy Mitchell Al

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euro 35.00
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40 pagine ISBN: 978159223697
Anno di pubblicazione: 2007

From the busy Atlantic waters to the rugged Pacific coast, explore the country's most historic and beautiful lighthouses with amazing 3-D pop-ups. Lighthouses features more than 25 color photographs and original illustrations showcasing America's coastal guardians. From the historical to the technical, author Al Mitchell, a renowned expert in the field of lighthouse study, explains the important roles played by each beacon through the years. This unique tribute includes 5 amazing, architecturally accurate 3-D pop-ups designed by acclaimed paper engineer Linda Costello. Beautifully illustrated pop-ups stand approximately 9 1/2 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter and demonstrate each lighthouse's unique design and function. Pop-ups include some of the most famous landmarks in the country: Cape Hatteras Light, North Carolina's distinctive black-and-white light tower; Old Point Loma Light, the beacon for California's Gold rush traffic; and Florida's prominent Ponce de Leon Inlet Light. This is the ultimate book for admirers of lighthouses and architecture.



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