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Maine lobsterboats

builders and lobstermen speak of their craft

di Thorndike Virginia L.

176 pagine ISBN: 978089272403
Anno di pubblicazione: 1998

Virginia Thorndike provides a series of wonderful interviews with a wide range of Mainers who have made a living and a life from the Maine lobsterboat. You'll hear builder/designer Mac Pettegrow of Southwest Harbor, who deeply respects traditional models but has adopted changes in hull shape to produce the speed demanded by modern boat owners: "The young lions want to go out there and just tear it up." You'll also chat with Islesboro's Went Durkee, who turned a boyhood dream of ringing the island with traps into a fishing career spanning some sixty years aboard boats like the Edna: "She was wet-something like a submarine-but by God, she was able!"



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