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Marine life in India

di Chhapgar Boman Framji

404 pagine ISBN: 978019568514
Anno di pubblicazione: 2006

From the shallows of the shoreline to the inky black trenches cutting across the floor, oceans house a complex and varied ecosystem. The sea's intricate food webs support a greater diversity of animals than anywhere else on the planet. The book is a travelogue into the depths of these fascinating oceans. Here, great white whales swim gracefully in spite of their enormous bulk and massive coral reefs, built by countless millions of tiny creatures, grow. Further below, organisms feed off the chemicals pouring from volcanic chimneys, and at the very bottom, where intense pressure makes exploration virtually impossible, radically different life forms reside in a range of habitats. Full of fascinating facts and illustrations, Marine Life in India is a compact, engaging, and easy-to-understand study of the vast variety of ocean life, from the earliest life-forms to the vast range of species swimming the seas today. The text is structured into several short chapters to make for easy reading, and enriched with a vast collection of illustrations, colour photographs, and even poetry. This makes the book interesting and unique and sets it apart from others in this genre.The scientific information in this volume is authoritative, engaging, and informative. The photographs are exquisite and will capture the attention of every reader. Anyone interested in marine biology will find this book invaluable. The author has also included an additional reading list for those who wish to pursue further studies on the subject.



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