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Marine painting in Italy

from XV century to the present

di Bembo Paolo, Grillo Salvatore

232 pagine ISBN: 978889025033
Anno di pubblicazione: 2017

Finally here is a book that explains what Marine Painting is, focusing on the various interpretatlons of the genre and especially tracing its history from the XV century to the present. Thìs trip starts from Carpaccio, passing by Canaletto and Guardi, Hackert, the painter of the Two Sicilies ports, Catti, who died in the naval battle of Lissa, then the two masters: Eduardo De Martino and Claudus, followed by the artists who illustrated both the First and the Second World War such as Crema and Bucci, Commander Sebastiano Morin, the dock Painters, the votive offerings, the exhibition of the twenties and the "war painters" of 1940-43. Then come the contemporary painters with the three competitions in 1998, 2000 and 2002 promoted by the Historical Office of the Italian Navy and won by Acciarri, Fiore, Montarsolo, O'MiII, Sardelli, Pavolini and Scarizza, awarded with the otticial title of " Marine painter ", which entitles them to claim the symbol reproduced below and sign their paintings with two red crossed anchors next to their name. Then come the three "Meritorious": Tabet, Masserini and Ciriello, endìng with Paolo Grillo, Feruglio, and Mariotti, to whom were added those appointed in January 2016: Magnattì, Frascaroli, Munerotto, Orler and Testa, representing three different generations of artists who continue to be fascinated by Marine Painting. A picture book (with 290 works by 47 artists, ali in color), it fills a gap in the Art History of Italy.



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