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Mexico boating guide

Baja California, the entire Sea of Cortez, mainland Pacific Mexicoto the southern border.

di Rains Pat

398 pagine ISBN: 978096384708
Anno di pubblicazione: 2008

New 3rd edition, this nautical guidebook for cruising boaters, GPS charts, color photos: written by professional mariners, experienced & active yacht cruisers. Mile by mile, no gaps: Mexico Boating Guide covers the outside of Baja, the entire Sea of Cortez (100s of destinations) to Puerto Vallarta, then continues down the Pacific mainland Gold Coast and Costa del Sur to the new Puerto Chiapas. This nautical guidebook is a Must-have for the Baja Ha Ha. GPS charts of the tiny cruising anchorages, villages, ports for fuel, provisions, all the marinas, haul-out yards, local services. Rains' 185 new GPS-accurate charts were created on site show anchoring details for tiny bays that are too small to appear with sufficient accuracy on government charts. Rains' 320 photos are jaw-dropping beautiful, but show critical approaches by sea, not just pretty sunsets. No fluffo. Crew List forms, Resource Directory to all the marinas, fuel docks, haul-out yards for repair or dry storage. Made in the USA, the new Rains Guide is the most accurate and thorough authority for boating in Pacific Mexico.



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