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Monaco collection season 1904

cartella numerata con 10 foto d'epoca in bn cm.35,5X27

di Charles Daniel

50 pagine ISBN: 978295191213
Anno di pubblicazione: 2004

The Monaco Collection, 1904 10 Historic prints from the First International Motorboat Racing Competition The Only Reprint, Limited to 500 numbered sets since their release in 1904 A Centenary Presentation to celebrate the birth of organized motorboat races in 1904. Patronage by Prince Albert I of Monaco and the Automobile Club de France. The setting is Monaco and the Bay of Hercules. Longer races for cruisers along the Riviera to Antibes and back. The event encouraged development of the Automobile Boat. A name given to high speed launches at that time. 42 pages booklet written by Dr Daniel Charles giving an in-depth background and description of each print . Major motor car manufacturers used the event to advertise and thoroughly test their engines for that years road races.These were, for France, Brasier, Panhard & Levassor, Mors, Serpollet, De Dietrich, Peugeot, Ader, Darraq & Delahaye. For Italy, Fiat, Mercedes for Germany, Germain for Belgium and Napier for Britain. Each print is an invaluable historic reference in the sense of boat design, handling and the evolution of engine design. Artwork skills, with the latest print technology respect and reveal the original glass plate details on uncoated heavyweight Rives Ivory Cartridge. Each is a numbered set with a format of 35.5x27cm. A numbered certificate of limited edition is included. The Monaco Collection includes: Library Folder Case Covered with Fedrigoni Nettuno Rosso paper. 42 Pages bilingual English-French booklet produced by Daniel Charles, giving an in-depth background and description of each print.Inner folder protects the print collection.



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