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Motor cruising

di Cumberlidge Peter

192 pagine ISBN: 978071365810
Anno di pubblicazione: 1989

Cruising under power becomes more popular each year. It takes in a huge range of boats and ambitions, from the river runabout with a small cuddy and cockpit tent, right up to the superyachts paraded by oil magnates and shipping millionaires. This book is aimed at the many people between these two extremes- those who own, or pian to own, sea-going craft of modest size and who are poised to venture into foreign waters. This book is written for all such folk with itchy feet. 'Motor Cruising' assumes some basic experience and a grounding in seamanship, tackling the subject from the practical viewpoint of a skipper who would like to extend his or her horizons. There are chapters on different types of cruising boat, buying a boat, equipment and maintenance, manoeuvring, navigation, weather and sea conditions, styles of cruising, and possible emergencies. Also covered are some important financial and administrative aspects of both owning and chartering motor cruisers. Peter Cumberlidge has many years' cruising experience in all kinds of boats and is well known through his articles in the yachting magazines. He contributes a regular column to Motor Boat and Yachting and runs a number of courses each season with the Jersey Cruising School.



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