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New world atlas

di AA.VV.

Articolo esaurito.

euro 80.00
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336 pagine ISBN: 978000448936
Anno di pubblicazione: 2001

New World Atlas sets a new standard for world atlases and provides a unique view of the Earth through a stunning collection of maps, images and information.These highly accessible and authoritative reference maps were created from the renowned Bartholomew cartography database, known for its comprehensive and accurate coverage of the world. The innovative New World Atlas offers: A wide range of satellite imagery and aerial photography; An exciting, highly visual presentation of topical geographical themes; Unique 3-D terrain models of each continent; Extensive cross-referencing throughout the book; A complete index of more than 80,000 place names; New gazetteer-style index entries for selected places and features; Detailed information on all states and territories of the world; Key facts and statistics for every continent.



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