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Ocean sailing

celestial navigation, ocean weather, passage making

di Cunliffe Tom

96 pagine ISBN: 978189866061
Anno di pubblicazione: 2000

Tom Cunliffe has crossed many oceans. If blue water cruising is your game, this is the book for you. Part 1 covers celestial navigation -- fixing your position by sextant. This is an interesting and elegant method of knowing where you are -- and may save your life some day. Even in this electronic age, it is a skill every skipper should possess. Part 2 looks at the worlda s weather systems and how to use them to your advantage. Hurricanes and typhoons are analysed -- with the emphasis on avoiding them! But if a trade wind squall strikes or an approaching hurricane looks like slipping by your strategic defences, Cunliffe is on hand with remedial advice. Part 3 explains what you actually do out at sea. It covers gathering information, making plans, what to take, how to run watch systems, and the delight of making long passages.



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