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Ocean sailing

the offshore cruising experience with real-life practical advice

di Heiney Paul

288 pagine ISBN: 978147295539
Anno di pubblicazione: 2019

This is the reassuring voice of the ocean sailing community. Your big adventure starts here. For many sailors, an ocean passage is the big dream. But many will worry that they don't have the right experience, that their boat isn't strong enough, or that it will be prohibitively expensive and difficult. Ocean Sailing will prepare you for an ocean passage by painting a picture of what ocean sailing is really like, through the experiences of others who have gone before. Topics covered range from safety to boat kit and preparations, budgeting to staying in touch with home, equipment breakdowns to health and weather. Members of three great cruising clubs – the Royal Cruising Club, Ocean Cruising Club, and the Cruising Club of America – share their vast wealth of experience, and by focusing on the practicalities of ocean sailing, allay the anxieties and doubts of prospective ocean cruisers to ensure a deeply satisfying ocean voyage.



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