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Onde nostre

guarda dove ti ho portato - con cd audio

di AA.VV.

152 pagine ISBN: 978889803007
Anno di pubblicazione: 2015

Onde Nostre is a collective of surfers, filmmakers, photographers and cultural commentators dedicated to preserving and communicating the spirit of surfing. Onde Nostre started as movie about Italian surfers and Italian waves. It is the first to be shot in 16mm in 2010. Has been growing ever since, the good things is, there's lot more to come.“Onde Nostre. Guarda dove ti ho portato” is an exploration of the italian surf culture through the captivating images and suggestive artworks by a group of surfers, film-makers, photographers and surf personalities. The italian surf scene is captured in wonderful and emotional shots by Giovanni Barberis, Matteo Ferrari and Filippo Maffei who are – together with Luca Merli, film-maker and true soul of Onde Nostre project – involved into the surf world themselves. Luca Barcellona, with his unmistakable lettering, contributes to express and transmit the mood of the project starting from the cover. The book contains the audio-cd with the soundtrack of the journey told in the pages. The disc – also available as a free download for the purchaser – proposes tracks, some unpublished, taken from the two movies and the episodes produced for the web by Onde Nostre.

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