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Osmosis and the care and repair of glassfibre yachts

di Staton Bevan Tony

Osmosis and the care and repair of glassfibre yachts

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euro 15.00
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112 pagine ISBN: 978022911837
Anno di pubblicazione: 1999

The introduction of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction in the 1950s made it possible to build relatively inexpensive pleasure craft that required less maintenance and could withstand more abuse than similar craft made of timber, steel or aluminium. However, the boats were not maintenance-free and soon developed problems with blistering and osmosis, commonly known as "boat pox". The author, a leading authority on glassfibre yacht construction and design, provides clear instructions and illustrations for the detection, prevention and cure of problems. This edition of the book has been revised to include recent findings and give advice to enable owners of these craft to detect potential trouble spots and repair surface damage. Additional photographs have been included to help identify main problem areas.



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