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Practical seamanship - CD-ROM Mac Win

di Dashew Steve, Dashew Linda

 Codice Articolo: 0965802801
Anno di pubblicazione: 2001

Practical Seamanship is unique in that it is written for both novice and experienced sailors alike. It builds on your existing knowledge, augmenting all you have learned with nearly a thousand tips, techniques and warning signs, making all your cruising better. And the "essential skills" you'll learn will make all the difference in difficult situations. Practical Seamanship, as with the Dashews' other books, excels at making this information easily accessible and user-friendly. More than just a book, it is engineered to be used as a tool, with executive summaries, quick reference check lists and detailed indexes. You'll refer back to it for years to come. It is an important asset and should be aboard every vessel. Whether you are working your way through ice, piloting in coral, running a breaking bar, or pulling a boat off a reef, Practical Seamanship covers it all. The CD-ROM edition brings the full power of PDF files to Practical Seamanship. Photos are in color, the table of contents and indexes are "hot linked" to the text, and you can use the powerful search functions of the PDF Format.



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