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Reef secrets

di Nilsen Alf Jacob, Fossa Svein

224 pagine ISBN: 978189008767
Anno di pubblicazione: 2005

Reef Secrets joins the other titles in the TFH -Microcosm Professional Series that have been described as some of the most important books ever published in the field of marine fishes. This is a fresh easy to follow approach to setting up and stocking a reef aquarium, filled with simple but authoritative advice from two of the most respected pioneers of the modern marine hobby. Readers will learn how to select fishes, corals and other invertabrates; the secrets of good water quality : aquascaping; reef maintenance;suggestions for unique biotope reef systems and much more. There are over 100 pages of encyclopedic listings of fishes and invertabrates commonly available to the marine aquarist-all in full color.



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