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Rudder treasury: a companion for lovers of small craft

a selection from the first 50 years of American's greatest yachting magazine

di Davin T.

350 pagine ISBN: 978157409160
Anno di pubblicazione: 2003

Encompassing some of the best articles to ever appear in the legendary Rudder magazine, the premier nautical publication from the first half of the twentieth century, this volume contains a treasure trove of influential writings on a varied and exhaustive array of subjects. It is an invaluable resource, representing a wealth of wisdom unavailable for the past fifty years. Featuring contributions from some of the most famous and diverse figures in the history of yachting and sailing, from Thomas Fleming Day and C. Andrade, Jr., to John Alden and L. Francis Herreshoff, The Rudder Treasury is a timeless record of decades' worth of accumulated experience.



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