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RYA book of world sailing records

di Johnson Peter

144 pagine ISBN: 978071365903
Anno di pubblicazione: 2002

There has always been intense interest amongst sailors in sailing faster than anyone has ever done before. The RYA Book of World Sailing Records brings together for the first time all the past and present sailing and boating records, and recounts the adventures, the mishaps, the dramas and the successes that have taken place along the way. Packed with fascinating information never before gathered together or analysed in this way, the book includes: What constitutes a record? Ocean records from clipper ships to Ellen MacArthur The fastest ever 500 metre run The 50 knot barrier Sailing firsts Inshore speed records from the kite boats, planers and foilers to powerboats Records still to go for This is a book that will fascinate anyone with an interest in the sea, as well as providing ample food for thought for would-be record breakers.



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