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Salvage from the sea

di Forsberg Gerald

214 pagine ISBN: 978085174606
Anno di pubblicazione: 1992

This is in no way a textbook for expert marine salvors - although that select band may well appreciate the difficulties, problems, feelings and responsibilities being explained to the blissfully unconversant general run of mariners as well as to the general run of thoughtful enquiring members of the ordinary public. For those who become absorbed in the subject (and there will be plenty), Chapter 14 specially lists further reading material and it is subdivided as for the benefit of professional seafarers and as for general readers; there is clear indication whether the material is suitable for one, the other or both types. The fact that the book is written by a career-seaman who was already a certificated Master Mariner before joining the Royal Navy ensures that the book - which is largely based on personal experience and observation - will be appreciated by our usual readers. There is coverage of personnel, vessels and equipments, refloating, ocean towage, submarine salvage, aircraft recovery and other miscellaneous tasks - all livened and laced with anecdote and humour. Excellently reviewed by Lloyd's List, Seaways, other maritime journals and, among others, by the non-maritime New Scientist. Although the basics of marine salvage are timeless, tools, equipment and techniques progress in parallel with all other aspects of ship operation and seamanship. Therefore as the first edition of Salvage from the Sea sold out, opportunity was taken to scrutinise, amend and augment the text to ensure it remaining fresh and accurate.



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