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italia paesaggio costiero tamagnini

48 ore

Sardinia coastal landscape

di Tamagnini Luca

300 pagine ISBN: 978888696716
Anno di pubblicazione: 2010

I am well acquainted with the coastal landscape of the Italian peninsula, and that of the country's larger and smaller islands. I have covered it all, on land and at sea, in search of images. A long coastline, nearly all of which I have also explored from the sky, by helicopter. Among Italian coastal landscapes, that of Sardinia is truly unique, inasmuch as large stretches are still completely pristine, maintaining the natural appeal of the Mediterranean as it was in the very beginning. Flying over or sailing along the coasts of Sardinia is a thrilling experience. The island has a coastline stretching 1385 kilometres, without counting the smaller islands. In the last three years, in different seasons of the year, I have covered it all, not only from the sky, but also from land and sea, and I have explored all the smaller islands. I have lived this extraordinary experience above all in the off season, crossing the island from one sea to another, from east to west, following the sun and its light. The colours, the skies and the seas of Sardinia have hypnotized me and every photo has been an adventure.



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