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Sharks in question

the Smithsonian answer book

di Springer Victor G., Gold Joy P.

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euro 36.50
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188 pagine ISBN: 978087474877
Anno di pubblicazione: 1999

Can sharks still breathe if they stop swimming? Do sharks sleep? Are sharks smart? Are most shark attacks just cases of mistaken identity? The striking photographs and accurate information in this book from the renowned Smithsonian Institution answers the most frequently asked questions about sharks, the most feared and fascinating of all ocean dwellers. Sharks in Question tells how sharks breathe, swim, sleep, eat and breed. It describes some of the most common, and the rarest species of shark, and how, when and why they are dangerous. People of all ages and interests will enjoy the readable question-and-answer format. Separating the sensational from the scientific, Sharks in Question reveals that shark facts are more complex and fascinating than shark fiction.



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