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Small ships

the book of study plans of tugs, freghters,ferries, excursion boats, trawler yachts, houseboats & fishing vessels

di AA.VV.

360 pagine ISBN: 978188867141
Anno di pubblicazione: 2002

Small Ships. The subtitle says it all: "A book of study plans of tugs, freighters, ferries, excursion boats, trawler yachts, houseboats & fishing vessels - working vessels and workboat heritage yacht designs from the boards of The Benford Design Group." This latest volume of ideas, thoroughly revised, updated and expanded, contains scores of detailed study plans for a tremendous variety of types and styles of small ships. Every one is a salty and practical cruising vessel and many of them have all the comforts to make living aboard a delight. Each design is introduced with a brief description of its creation and history and accompanied by layout drawings and/or photos. Many of the designs trace their origins to working vessels and heritage powerboats. All have a refreshing frankness about them, absent any tricky styling, glitter or glitz. Some are ideas, dreams of what might be or ought to be, and one just might be your own special dream boat.



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