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Successful reef aquarium

di Knop Daniel

200 pagine ISBN: 978392168447
Anno di pubblicazione: 1999

Reef tanks have a reputation for being complicated and expensive. This book shows that such a reputation is not necessarily deserved. As an easy-to-understand guide for the beginning aquarist, the book provides the reader with the basic knowledge needed to establish a fascinating and cost-effective reef tank, requiring little technical equipment. Daniel Knop is the author of many internationally published books and articles. He introduces corals that are easy to keep by the beginning aquarist, provides advise for buying technical equipment, explains how to propagate most of the corals discussed in the book, and helps the beginner to avoid failures, disappointment, and unnecessary costs. The reader is introduced to the world of coral reefs with fascinating photographs and text that makes it easy to understand both the ecology of natural coral reefs and reef tanks.



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